What can I do to get a traffic signal installed?
Requests for signals on county highways are forwarded to the Anoka County Highway Department. Most major roads are county highways.

Requests for signals on city roadways are reviewed with the following details in mind. To get a traffic signal installed at an intersection, specific engineering criteria (warrants) must be met. There are 11 warrants that relate to details such as:
  • The number of cars on the intersecting streets traveling through the intersection
  • Pedestrians crossing the intersection
  • Delays to all vehicles and the history of accidents at the intersection

City staff reviews the number of accidents at intersections and attempts to observe intersections for delays. Insight from residents or travelers regarding the operation of specific traffic signals is welcome assistance.

Once concerns are recognized, the traffic conditions will be reviewed through an engineering analysis. If warrants are met, consideration is given to install a traffic signal. The installation of a new traffic signal may be added to the city or county’s program of projected improvements (Capital Improvement Program) for assignment of priority with construction subject to funding availability.

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