The Engineering Department is responsible for virtually all City public improvement projects. Projects are administered by the department from inception to completion and, in the case of special assessment projects, through final assessment.

Projects include all publicly owned facilities including:
  • Park development
  • New subdivisions
  • Sanitary sewer
  • Water main
  • Storm sewer
  • Sidewalks / Trails
  • Streets
  • Water treatment
  • Wells
  • Street reconstruction and maintenance
The Andover Engineering Department completes designs, prepares plans, and administers a wide variety of projects throughout the City.

Construction Supervising

The Engineering Department also supervises consultants hired to design public improvements. The Engineering Department administers the construction contracts and inspects projects to ensure they are constructed in accordance with City specifications. Street signing is part of the department’s responsibility including review of requests for stop sign and traffic signals. Forestry / Natural Resources services are also a part of the department.

Coordinating Opportunities

The Engineering Department coordinates with many federal, state, county, and other local agencies and City departments in areas related to transportation, utilities, watershed management, pollution prevention, and the environment. The Engineering Department is responsible for mapping and record keeping for all public facilities. They also works closely with the Public Works Department in determining street and utility reconstruction needs and maintaining the City's street and utility infrastructure.

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