2023 Street Reconstruction - Oak Bluff (C.P. 23-02)

Update 5/26/23- Comcast has finished putting in their electric lines. Next week Tuesday, approximately 8 feet of the boulevard will be tilled up and any landscaping or sprinkler heads that residents want to keep must be moved before that day. Excess material that is tilled up will be hauled off.

Update 5/19/23- Comcast have been directional boring and next week they plan on finishing.

Update 5/12/23- Comcast began directional boring this week and will continue next week on their electrical lines. 

Update 4/27/23 - The pre-construction meeting was held this week.  Private utility relocations and construction staking will begin early next week.  Construction stakes will be located in the boulevard area, please take care to protect these stakes. Major construction activity is slated to begin in mid May. 

Update 4/20/23- A letter will be mailed today to all residents within the project location. Survey work will commence soon. Contractor plans to begin construction mid-May. To view the phasing map click here.

Update 4/14/23- Existing manholes and water valves have spray marked up. There will be some preliminary survey work done the following week. 

Update 4/12/23-The construction contract has been awarded to North Valley Inc. Preconstruction meeting has been scheduled for April 24th. Schedule of construction will be determined at that time. After the preconstruction meeting, the project and contact information will be sent out to residents. Refer to this site for updates during the construction.

Surveying will take place prior to the start of construction. Manholes and valves will be identified for removal or modification on the project. 

Each year the roadway segments that are in the most need of repair throughout the City are reconstructed as a portion of the City of Andover's street reconstruction program. The street reconstruction projects are identified in the City's Capital Improvement Plan. Scheduled for reconstruction in 2023 is the Oak Bluff development generally located along 148th Lane and Bluebird Street east of Hanson Boulevard (see attached location map).

The project will consist of reclaiming the existing bituminous roadway, shaping the existing gravel, constructing concrete curb and gutter, minor storm sewer improvements / repairs, and constructing a new bituminous surface. A short segment of water main and sanitary sewer will also be constructed between Eagle Street and Bluebird Street.

The project will be funded from the City's Road & Bridge Fund, with 25% of the total street related project costs assessed to the benefiting properties as identified in the City's Roadway Reconstruction Assessment Policy.

A neighborhood meeting was held with affected residents in the summer of 2022. We anticipate that construction will begin in late April / early May of 2023, with the project being completed by late summer 2023.

For construction related questions please contact David Berkowitz at 763-767-5133 or Jason Law at 763-767-5130.