Tom Anderson Trail Maintenance Improvements (C.P. 21-14)

During the summer of 2021, maintenance improvements will be completed along the Tom Anderson Trail. The Tom Anderson Trail system follows along the north side of Coon Creek from Hanson Boulevard to just east of the railroad tracks, then it crosses Coon Creek and goes along the east side of the railroad tracks down to Bunker Lake Boulevard.  

The segment from Bunker Lake Boulevard to Coon Creek is generally in good condition, and maintenance activities will be limited to sealing of cracks and depressions in the trail. The segment from Hanson Boulevard to just east of the railroad tracks is in less desirable condition, but not to the point where a full reconstruction is warranted. A 1.5” bituminous overlay will be completed along this section. The overlay is expected to prolong the life of this trail segment another 10-15 years, at which point a full reconstruction would likely be warranted.  The fencing underneath the railroad bridge will be replaced / reinforced as well.

The trail system will be closed along the north side of Coon Creek during construction. The project will begin in early May and be completed by mid-summer. Trail closed signs will be posted during these construction projects at all entrances to the trail system.  

For a map of this project here.

Questions regarding either of these projects can be directed to the Andover Engineering Department at 763-755-5100.