Crosstown Boulevard Trail Improvements (C.P. 23-12)

Update 6/30/23: The trailed planned along Crosstown Boulevard as discussed below has been scaled back as the City was not successful in obtaining necessary trail easements from residents along the corridor.  Construction of a trail along Crosstown Boulevard along the south side of the roadway from Hanson Boulevard to Xeon Street is still being considered by the City Council for construction in 2024.

Construction of a new bituminous trail is identified in the City's 2023-2027 Capital Improvement Plan along the south side of Crosstown Boulevard from Bluebird Street to Prairie Road, and also along the east side Crosstown Boulevard from 157th Avenue to 159th Avenue.   The project would include a railroad crossing with gate arms at the tracks.

With these improvements, extension of the City's water main is proposed along the same alignment as the trail from the railroad tracks up to just south of 159th Avenue, which would allow for looping of the City's water distribution system.  Extension of sanitary sewer is also proposed along the trail alignment from the railroad tracks to Sycamore Street.

To facilitate these improvements, trail and utility easements would be necessary from several properties along the project corridor.  The City will be contacting impacted residents to determine if acquiring easements is possible.    

For a map of this project limits click here.

Questions regarding either of these projects can be directed to the Andover Engineering Department at 763-755-5100.