2024 Mill and Overlay - Bunker Lake Village (C.P. 24-15)

The City of Andover administers a street overlay program to rehabilitate and prolong the life of the City’s street infrastructure and defers the need for a more expensive total reconstruction. A mill and overlay is expected to extend the life of the streets another 15+ years before a full reconstruction would be considered. 

The streets in Bunker Lake Village have been identified for a mill and overlay in 2024  Link to Project Location Map.

Improvements would include milling the existing wearing course off of the roadways and paving a new bituminous surface.  Also included would be replacement of a limited amount of deteriorated curb and gutter, minor storm sewer repairs, and replacing pedestrian curb ramps not meeting ADA standards.   

25% of the project costs are being assessed to properties fronting the improvements.  The remaining 75% of the project costs will be funded through the City’s Road and Bridge Fund.

For questions related to this project please contact Jason Law at 763-767-5130 or David Berkowitz 763-767-5133.