2022 Mill & Overlay - Andover Blvd (C.P. 22-16)

Update 5/3/22: Traffic control has been set up and within the next couple days the project will commence.  The contractor will start by making water main gate valve repairs.  Limited curb and gutter replacement will take place next, followed by minor storm sewer system repairs, then reclaiming of the roadways and paving a new bituminous surface.  Weather permitting, the contractor is hoping to complete the project by early-July. Residents impacted by construction should receive a letter in the mail with additional information later this week.  The contractor is aware of school traffic and will make accommodations to ensure smooth traffic flow during peak time frames while limiting the timeframe of construction impacts. For specific questions related to this project, please contact Jake Knutson, Senior Engineering Technician at 763-767-5145.

Update 4/21/22: Bituminous Roadways, Inc. was the low bidder for the project.  Construction will likely begin in mid May.  A pre-construction meeting will be held within the next few weeks.  

The City of Andover administers a street overlay program to rehabilitate and prolong the life of the City’s street infrastructure and defers the need for a more expensive total reconstruction. A mill and overlay is expected to extend the life of the streets another 15+ years before a full reconstruction would be considered. 

Andover Boulevard between Crosstown Boulevard and Hummingbird Street has been identified for a mill and overlay in 2022.    Link to Project Location Map 

Improvements will include milling the existing wearing course off of the roadway and paving a new bituminous surface.  Also included would be replacement of a limited amount of deteriorated curb and gutter, minor storm sewer repairs, and replacing pedestrian curb ramps not meeting ADA standards.    

25% of the project costs are being assessed to properties fronting the improvements.  The remaining 75% of the project costs will be funded through the City’s Road and Bridge Fund and in turn reimbursed through Municipal State Aid funds.

For questions related to this project please contact Jason Law at 763-767-5130 or David Berkowitz 763-767-5133.