Fields of Winslow Cove 2nd Addition (C.P. 22-47)

Update 10/16/23: Public utility work has been completed.  Curb and gutter construction is done and the base course of paving is done.  Wear course paving will likely take place by the end of October.

Update 7/31/23: Utility construction is starting the week of July 31 and will be on-going for approximately one month.

Fields of Winslow Cove 2nd Addition is a 36-unit single family residential villa development located west of Prairie Road and along and north of 151st Lane.  Site grading will take place this spring.  Streets and utility construction will take place in the summer of 2023.   Part of this project will include construction of a round about on Prairie Road at 151st Lane.  Round about construction will take place this summer.   

To view the final plat click here.