2023 Mill and Overlay - Andover Blvd (C.P. 23-16)

Update 9/22/23- The project is complete. Final quantities and payments are being squared away. A notice will be sent in the mail on October 18th inviting impacted properties to the public hearing  to be held November 8th.

Update 7/25/23- The road is scheduled to be milled late this week and is scheduled to be paved early next week and stripping will follow late next week.

Update 6/14/23- A pre-construction meeting was held with the contractor yesterday.  An approximate construction schedule for each neighborhood in the City's 2023 Mill and Overlay program is listed below.  Please note, this schedule is subject to change due to weather and construction progress. Punchlist items and final cleanup will likely extend beyond the below listed "End" dates.  Please watch your mail for a letter being mailed to all residents regarding this update.

         Start    End     Neighborhood(s)

  • 6/19    7/7    Barnes Rolling Oaks 2nd Add (Area F) / Barnes Rolling Oaks, Smiths Rolling Oaks, East Area (Area L)
  • 6/25    7/7    Constance Corners (Area D) / Millers Woods 1st and 2nd Additions (Area E)
  • 6/27    7/7    Silver Meadows (Area C) / Kimberly Oaks (Area K)
  • 7/5      7/14  Grey Oaks (Area A) / North Valley Ridge (Area B)
  • 7/10    7/21  Nature's Run (Area G) /  Village at Andover Station (Area H) / Townhomes of Woodland Creek (Area I) /                                      Woodland Creek Golf Villas (Area J) 
  • 7/24   8/16   Andover Boulevard (West of Crosstown Blvd)
  • 7/31   8/18   Prairie Road (Andover Blvd to Bunker Lake Blvd)

Update 6/2/23- There will be a pre-construction meeting on June 13th and further details on the schedule will follow. Manholes, valves and curb removals have been marked on the project.

Update 4/28/23- Bid was awarded today, pending the City Council's approval. A preconstruction meeting will be organized following the City Council's approval of the bid.

Update 4/12/23-  A public hearing was held on 3/21/23. The plans and specifications were approved by the City Council and the project is currently out for bids. The bid opening is set for April 28th.

Update 2/27/23-   A public hearing is scheduled for these projects at the 3/7/23 City Council meeting, to be held at 7 p.m. at City Hall.  Residents impacted by these projects should have received a public hearing notice in the mail.

The City of Andover administers a street overlay program to rehabilitate and prolong the life of the City’s street infrastructure. Andover Boulevard from Crosstown Boulevard west to the cul de sac south of the Andover High School has been identified for a mill and overlay in 2023.

An overlay helps prolong the life of the roadway and defers the need for a more expensive total reconstruction. This overlay is expected to extend the life of the streets another 15+ years before a full reconstruction would be considered. 

25% of the project costs are being assessed to properties fronting the improvements.  The remaining 75% of the project costs will be funded through the City’s Road and Bridge Fund, and in turn reimbursed through Municipal State Aid funds.

The project location map can be viewed at the following link: Link to Project Location Map

For questions related to this project please contact Jason Law at 763-767-5130 or David Berkowitz 763-767-5133.