Public Works Expansion

Public Works Expansion Plan  


Public Works Expansion – Current Status of Project

The City is proceeding toward receiving bids from contractors in early 2019 for the construction of a Public Work Maintenance Building and Cold Storage Building along with the extension east of Veterans Memorial Boulevard from Nightingale Street to Tower Drive.  These new facilities will provide a safe work environment for the maintenance of the City’s equipment and to facilitate the movement a of a significant amount of valuable equipment indoors.  This project has a $9.8 million budget.


This expansion project has had significant discussion dating back to the early 2000’s and was the driver of the City acquiring properties along Crosstown Boulevard between Hanson Boulevard and Nightingale Street by the City to provide the necessary space for the for the City of Andover to provide municipal services for the ultimate build out of the community.

An expansion has been identified in the Capital Improvement Plans (CIP) starting with the 2007-2011 CIP to the current 2018-2022 CIP, each CIP is adopted after a public hearing.

CIP Page excerpts are available for viewing below. 

Upcoming meeting:

November 7, 2018 is a City Council meeting where the City Council will determine the financing tool for this construction project.

CIP PW 2007

CIP PW 2008

CIP PW 2009

CIP PW 2010

CIP PW 2011

CIP PW 2012

CIP PW 2013

CIP PW 2014

CIP PW 2015

CIP PW 2016

CIP PW 2017

CIP PW 2018

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