Community Garden Plots


·          WATERING Keep watering to a maximum of one hour. Please turn off water when you leave and do not water overnight. Gardeners are to provide their own hoses, tools, and supplies. Do not borrow neighbor’s hose without asking.

·          PESTICIDES Use of pesticides are allowed but it is the responsibility of the renter of the plot to follow all manufacturers’ directions when using the pesticides.

·          UNWANTED TREES AND WEEDS – Controlling of unwanted trees and weeds are the responsibility of the renter of the plot including the aisles/walkway areas between and around the plots. Only appropriate weed control for spraying of weeds is allowed so that other garden plots are not being impacted.

·          EMPTY BAGS/DEBRIS/COMPOSTING Your bags and debris must be taken home with you and disposed of properly. Recycling and composting is encouraged. Note: A compost area is available at the garden site in the fall.

·          CHILDREN – Children are welcome as it is a great learning experience. However, we do ask that you keep an eye on them and try to keep them off the neighbor’s vegetables.

·          DOGS – If you bring your dog with you when working in the garden, you are required to pick up after them (City Code 5). Do not allow your dog(s) to enter the neighbor’s yards or leave the dog tied up so they sit and bark the entire time.

  • ASSIGNED LOTS – Please do not use a garden plot that is not assigned to you and do not plant outside of your assigned garden plot. Attached is a map of the garden plots.
  • PARKING – On-street parking on 151st Lane NW is permitted (do not park in grass or boulevard areas). Please do not park along Nightingale Street NW.
  • RESTROOMS are not available at the garden site so please plan accordingly.
  • FENCING AND GARDENING MATERIALS – Fencing is allowed but must be cleared out by the end of the day on September 29th.  Any materials left over are to be  removed and properly disposed of.  Please place all garden debris in the compost area provided (area will be set up in the fall). Failure to clean out plots at the end of the season will result in the City not allowing a plot for rental to that group or individual for the following year.
  • The City of Andover and Grace Lutheran Church (property owner) are not responsible for any damage to the gardens or your personal equipment/supplies.

Please stop by the City Hall Front Desk by January 1st if you would like to reserve for next year. Current residents and non-residents that is currently employed within City limits may apply for one plot. You may rent up to 2 additional plots on April 16th if plots are still available.

Thank you for your cooperation.  HAPPY GARDENING!!