Holiday Recycling

Holiday Lights

Holiday lights can be recycled! Drop off unwanted light strings at Andover City Hall Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. throughout the year.  There are designated containers in the lobby. 

Wrapping Paper

Unfortunately, most wrapping paper cannot be recycled at this time. Wrapping paper contains glitter and other additives that makes it unable to be recycled. There are greener ways to wrap gifts, such as use the comics from the newspaper, color brown paper bags or newsprint. There IS recyclable wrapping paper at some stores, make sure it is labeled as such before putting it in the recycling. 

Trees and Wreaths

The Bunker Hills Compost Site will accept trees and wreaths (may be a charge). Please call 763-324-3400 for details. 


Bunker Hills Compost Site – No charge, put in the yard waste area, NOT organics. 13285 Hanson Blvd. 763-324-3400

Springbrook Nature Center – No charge, place in collection bin. From November 1-6.  100 85th Ave. NE, Fridley 763-572-3594