Fire Department

The fire department responds to all fire and emergency medical incidents in the City of Andover. Paid on-call firefighters are alerted to an incident via a pager dispatched through the Anoka County Central Communications System. The fire department is responsible for performing new building plan reviews and existing building inspections to ensure compliance with State and Federal Fire Codes and Standards. The fire department also provides public education and fire safety information to residents. In addition, the Fire Chief is the city Emergency Manager, overseeing all city disaster and contingency plans.
Fire Station #1

Our History

The volunteer fire department was established in 1977. Several residents of Andover formed the department to respond to fire and emergency calls. At that time, there were 2 groups within the department: those that responded to fire calls and those who responded only to emergency medical calls. The original tin barn, used by the fire department, is still located at the corner of Nightingale and Crosstown Blvd.

As the city continued to grow between 1977 and 1990, the fire department used part of the Public Works building as the fire station. In 1990, 2 new fire stations were built to better respond to the city's needs. To date, the City of Andover has three fire stations, 55 paid on-call firefighters, managed by a full-time Fire Chief, two Fire Technicians and a part-time Fire Technician.  

Our Locations

The three stations are located at the following locations:

Station #1 - Main Station and Administration Offices 

13875 Crosstown Blvd.

Andover, MN 55304


Station #2

16603 Valley Drive

Andover, MN 55304


Station #3

15929 Crosstown Blvd.

Andover, MN 55304

Join Our Team! 

The Andover Fire Department uses local residents who are on-call during certain hours and can respond to emergency and non-emergency incidents during their free time.  We have a wide range of firefighters on our staff who work in IT, machine shops, health care, construction, Army and more.  Their diverse backgrounds benefit our community as they work as emergency responders.  
 When there is an opening, we are looking for those who have a positive attitude, strong attention to detail, mechanical aptitude, and a heart to serve.  Candidate need to live within 5 miles of one of our fire stations and be able to respond after their work hours. 
Prior to deciding if you want to join our team, we hold an information session for all of those interested in the position. We then have applicants come to the meeting to learn more about the program while at the fire station. You will meet the Chief and his staff to answer any questions you may have. Please go to MNFIREHIRE to read more and watch videos of what to expect.  
You can complete an application by clicking here .  Complete and send to Fire Station #1 attention Fire Chief Dennis Jones.

Fire Department Duties

The fire department responds to all fire and emergency medical calls within the City of Andover. In addition to responding to the above types of incidents, the fire department handles the following:

  • Minnesota State Fire Code Enforcement
  • Fire Prevention Education and Station Tours
  • Fire Inspections of new and existing buildings
  • Day Care and Foster Care Inspections
  • Building Plan reviews for Fire and Life Safety
  • Burning Permits and Recreational Fires

Adopt-A-Fire Hydrant

If you have a fire hydrant in your front yard, homeowners will need to ensure that there is a 3 foot clearance around the hydrant. Plants, bushes, etc must not block the access. If possible in the winter please shovel or snow blow around the hydrant, your help will be greatly appreciated.