Street Maintenance Department

Streets Department 

The Streets Maintenance Department maintains all city streets to minimize deterioration and maintain public safety. Maintenance includes:
  • Crack sealing
  • Gravel road maintenance
  • Pothole patching
  • Seal coating
  • Sweeping
  • Washing / sealing bridges
  • Trimming Trees
  • Snow and Ice Removal
Along with road maintenance, this department is responsible for ditch mowing and trimming boulevard trees. 

Sign Department

The Sign Department is also a part of the Streets Department, which makes and installs all city street signs, parks signs, event signs and city vehicle signs.

Traffic Laws

Watch the following videos from the Minnesota Department of Transportation:

Adopt-A-City Street Program

The City has established an Adopt-A-City Street Program that enables residents to clean up a specific city street selected for the program and will be recognized for efforts to help keep the community clean. If interested in adopting a 2 mile stretch of road, for a 2 year commitment, cleaning once in the spring and again in the fall, contact the Streets Maintenance Supervisor at 763-767-5178.

Use Caution

Crews are frequently working on or near roadways. Please use caution when driving through work areas.
Street Sweeping Procedures
Street sweeping operations usually begin mid April or as soon as weather permits.  If a boulevard has salt / sand on it, please rake only the salt / sand material to the edge of the blacktop / curb for pick up by the street sweepers.  The boulevard is the distance from the edge of the blacktop / curb to the property line (generally 13 to 15 feet).  Do not rake or sweep yard waste into the street to be picked up by the sweepers. 

Please watch for the street sweepers in your area, and move any cars or obstacles in the street that may affect the sweeping operations. Operators cannot stop to leave the vehicle to move obstacles left in the street. Sweeping operators can do a much cleaner job if the streets are kept clear.  Street sweeping operations also follow completed seal coat areas on city streets.

Contact Us

  1. Jason Baumunk

    Parks & Streets Operations Manager


    Ph: 763-767-5178

    Chris Olson

    Streets Leadperson

    Ph: 763-767-5170

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Pothole Patching

Minnesota winters can be extremely hard on city streets due to moisture and temperature changes.  The Streets Maintenance Department starts repairing potholes with cold patch and the spray patcher as soon as weather permits (as early as January).  Pothole patching with hot patch starts when the asphalt plants open and will continue into the fall. Check out this Smoothing the Way to Safer Travel video created by the Minnesota Pothole Professionals.

Pothole Reporting

To report a pothole or damaged street call City Hall at 763-755-5100 to give the location or nearest address of the area in need of repair.

Crack Sealing Procedures

Crack seal treatment is used on all types of cracks.  It involves using a hot air lance or compressed air to blow out the debris in the crack, then filling it with a sealant and covered with a paper product.  This process reduces or prevents water and incompressible material from entering the pavement structure, which helps extend the life of the street.  The city contracts this project to independent contractors, but is supervised by city staff and is done according to city specs.  

Street Lights

If you know of a street light not working or damaged, please report it to Connexus Energy at 763-323-2650.

Trimming is done during the winter months when the Street Department is not busy with snowplowing. Fall and winter are the best times to prune or remove trees blocking signs, obstructing  traffic visibility or in the right-of-way.  Feel free to contact the Street Department at 763-767-5178 with any questions or concerns or areas that need to be trimmed.